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I had never thought of being able to speak ‘Autistic/Aspie’ as a strength before…but this video got me thinking:      ABC-Attwood-High Functioning Autism

A brief video on the difference between Aspie and High-Functioning Autistic:                            Dr. Attwood.Aspie.vs. HFAutistic

My other half sent me this video today…being the observant man that he is, he recognized me in the checklist–I watched the entire video and then went through it again–there are only SEVEN TOTAL of the things on this enormous list that I felt DIDN’T apply to me…it is well worth a look:    FemaleAspieTraits.SamanthaCraft

…and here is a link to Everyday Aspergers FaceBook Page: FaceBook.EverydayAspergers

 This video I found interesting because the lady in it was diagnosed at 45 and with four children of her own already, same as me. Another thing that caught my attention in the video was when she talked about how many girls with Autism picking a character from a book to model themselves after–I did this as well, eventually settling on Jane, in Bronte’s “Jane Eyre”. I still very much feel embodied by that character to this day.     WomanDiagnosedAutisticAge45

Another great video on YouTube about being a woman/girl with Autism. It covers three generations of Autistic woman and I really like how one of the women comment on how much kinder she was TO HERSELF, once she understood herself: TheFeed.Chameleons

Here is another great video…a talk given by an Autistic woman about the ‘atmosphere’ surrounding Autism: AQuickTripToMyPlanet

Another Attwood video, this time a few minutes on Autistic Women specifically: Asperger.Feminine.Comorbidities

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