Coyote & Pups


      If I had one word of advice for parents of High-Functioning Autistic children…it would literally be one word: FOLLOW. (I specify high functioning here because all four of my children are high-functioning–so this is what I know) It is absolutely imperative that you have a willingness to follow your child’s lead, to put yourself (at times) in the passenger seat and simply, not only let them BE, but BE with them–even if being with them means sitting two foot apart playing with two separate piles of colored blocks and not looking at each other. You have to be willing to meet them halfway if you want them to do the same later on. If this is a particular issue you are struggling with–the acceptance of your Autistic child as he/she is…just know that I have seen many NT mothers have the same issue–I don’t know about other Autistic Moms like myself, because I haven’t met any…for me, it was never a question of acceptance–that was a given, like the life I gave them…free of charge and no strings attached (okay well, one cord…but no strings, HA!)

Follow Me-Genesis

     I’m not sure what the best way is to share how I have raised my kids (and they’ve raised me) but, I think I will at least give you a brief introduction to them first…and add stories about how we ‘be’ together as I get to it. ***Please note, I have used false names for my kids as I don’t believe I have the right to invade their privacy by using their real ones.***

North & The Great Soda Debacle

East…coming soon

~South and The Wiggly Socks~

West…coming soon

The Coyote-Moth Girl

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