Fox by Skia-Deviant Art


     Welcome, and I would like to offer another Thank You to Skia on Deviant Art for allowing me to use the above Fox for my blog. While I typically stick to Coyotes or Moths…if ever there was a fox that could embody my general mood, this one is it–and is now part of me.

This blog, in case you couldn’t tell (I feel I have to do a bit of explanation here for some of the NT’s. {{smirks}} They can be a bit slow.), is written by an Autistic female…me. As soon as I get done writing it, you will be able to access the button soon to be above ‘Coyote & Pups’…which will take you to pages about myself and my children for any of you who might be interested enough to know us, in all our odd and awkward glory. The posts here will cover all manner of subjects–particularly those that deal with Autistic women/girls, Autistic families, and what it is to navigate a NeuroTypical world. A word of caution for any NT’s reading this: the viewpoints, ideas, and feelings (yes, Autistics have them) within this blog are my own as one Autistic woman. If you can learn or take anything useful from these pages I am happy to have helped you see a bit farther–but there may be times that you will feel uncomfortable here…I don’t sugarcoat things to make NT’s more comfortable–on this blog, you will be exposed to how the NT world impacts Autistics (at least myself and my Autistic children–other’s experiences may vary)–and that may include me ranting about organizations like, Autism Speaks, whose negative rhetoric have done my children, and myself, much harm. Other than that, it is nice to meet you.

{{{Gives you a nice big social smile to enhance your NT calm}}}

     Please bear with me as I work on getting my blog up and running–I promise it will get better soon–it, and I, are works in progress…meanwhile, if you found something here, come back and it’s gone…it’s not…it’s probably just been moved around or restructured/written as I figure this whole blog design thing out and work on saying what it is exactly that I am attempting to say.  ~Coyote~

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